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Travel Astrology

In 636B.C. Chinese Pilgrim Xuanzang entered a grand competition organized by King Harshwardhan. Alexander came to discover India in 326 BC. Columbus, discovered America in 15th century. First European Vasco de Gama reached Cochin in 16th Century by sea route. From the time immemorial man has been travelling all across the Globe for various reasons viz. Higher education, profession, business, job, pilgrimage, tourism so on and so forth. Do you have any question or problem related to travel like getting a Visa, H1 Visa, J1 Visa, H1B Visa, spouse visa, higher education in foreign, settlement abroad, getting job in foreign country, import export, going to foreign through your company etc. Ask us for accurate predictions and suitable remedies.

Travel Report 1 year

All through the year we are travelling more or less 365 days of the year for going to office, market for shopping, leaving our kids to school etc. There are long more..

Travel Ask 3 Questions

This is special service for those who have multiple questions in mind associated with travel. For an example you are going to foreign more..

Travel Ask A Question

The career report gives you a depth analysis of your career, and here you will come to know that what future holds for your professional more..

Remedies for Travel

You may be aspiring travel to foreign for higher education, for getting a job, business, marriage, pilgrimage etc. However you are not able to get success. more..

Travel Tarot

This report is specially designed for the tarot lovers who believe in tarot and have been searching for predictions from the matured and learned more..

Gemstone For Travel

Right Gemstone increases positivity and reduces negativity in life. We will recommend gemstone which will enhance positivity for more..

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