Horoscope Matching Report


Relationships last long when couple have complimentary planetary combinations in their horoscope. Planetary combinations should be such so that they may not oppose each other but should compliment each other so that they have long relationship, better understanding, love, capacity to share and respect each other view points.


In this report our team also focuses on


Longevity - couple should not have perceptible difference between longevity.

Health – both of them should not have chronic disease at an early age.

Progeny – both should be blessed with children.

Nature – understanding between both the partners is essential for a happy married life.

Separative tendencies- separation between couple can be due to professional and other reasons
and also because of tense relations.

Professional life and financial status – should be good enough as per the status of the family.


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In this report you will get


1 Horoscope of girl and boy and detailed planetary combinations in their horoscope.

2 Involvement of Astrological factors related to horoscope matching

3 Complete insight on main factors of horoscope matching i.e. Longevity, Health,
4 Child birth, compatibility of nature, profession, finance and character.

5 Consideration of Manglik dosha and Gun Milan along with Nadi dosh.

6 Personalized and clear answer to your query, if any

7 Suggestion from our side keeping into view present and future planetary combinations

8 100% customised and personalized easy to follow remedy if and when required


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