According to traditional astrology Gun Milan is essential for horoscope matching but it is a small part of horoscope matching infact. Gun Milan depends on placement of Moon in Nakshatra and rashi. There are eight more planets in the horoscope whose placement in horoscope is also of prime importance. All these planets effect the life and take part in transits and dasa periods which goes in changing throughout life. Moon contributes only 10 years of 120 years of Vimshottari dasa, hence 110 years are contributed by other planets in the horoscope. For perfect horoscope matching following points should be carefully analyzed which requires to analyze the complete horoscope in detail:
Longevity - couple should not have perceptible difference between longevity.
Health – both of them should not have chronic disease at an early age.
Progeny – both should be blessed with children.
Nature – understanding between both the partners is essential for a happy married life.
Separative tendencies- separation between couple can be due to professional and other reasons and also because of tense relations.
Professional life and financial status – should be good enough as per the status of the family.

Horoscope matching is the foundation of happy married life and this should be done personally by a senior astrologer and not just by matching of gun points only. For Personalized Horoscope Matching Report(Click Here)

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