Predictions in Astrology depend upon horoscope which is cast on the basis of date, time and place of birth. Not all are sure about their birth time as few years back when we had mechanical watches the watches used to have error of time in minutes. Additionally some people do not know about birth time at all. Experience has shown that in many cases people coming to us are sure about their time of birth. This is also possible that nurse/ doctor in the hospital had been quite busy in the delivery and would have not noted down the time correctly. People visit an astrologer for right guidance which is required at tough times and when important decisions of life are required to be taken. If the time given to the astrologer is incorrect it can lead to major turbulence in life. Hence it is important that everyone should get his birth time rectified before getting the horoscope analyzed by astrologer.


For correction of birth time of the horoscope we require some of the past life events. When past life events of the person match with the horoscope then we can say that the time of birth so arrived/ corrected is correct. Past life events like purchase of vehicle, purchase of property, marriage. Timing periods of Ups and down in professional life, any severe health problem/ surgery, long travel, educational qualification and good and bad time of educational life, accident etc. will help us out arriving at correct birth time.

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In this report you will get

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